Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.   How do the Revita-Gems work?

Needle Free acupuncture Revita-Gems are a patented silicon stone nanometer technology system for treatment and recovery of various chronic pain and disease conditions.

The main point to understand is that these remarkable stones are designed to REPLACE NEEDLES in acupuncture. Therefore, the Revita-Gems are used in conjunction with acupuncture theory. They are a NEEDLE FREE acupuncture system for home users and practitioners.

In order to know WHERE to place the stones using acupuncture theory, we provide the user with an Acupuncture Guide.

In addition to using the Revita-Gems with acupuncture theory, they can also be applied locally, or directly, to any areas that may be painful on the body. Either way can work for the user.

Q2.   What are the benefits of the Revita-Gems?

The benefits from the Revita-Gems are limitless. We have had so many users of the system tell us how elated they are in treating various conditions.

Overall, the Revita-Gems Wellness and Vitality system benefits the user through reliance on ancient Chinese acupuncture healing wisdom. Acupuncture healing is over 2000 years old - it is proven effective. It also focuses on healing the root cause of disease or problematic conditions, instead of just the side effects. Much of acupuncture healing focuses on bringing internal balance to the internal organs. Therefore, in treating your specific condition, an over all strengthening effect occurs within the various internal organs - this is distinct from a symptomatic treatment approach (such as pharmaceutical prescription drugs) which may actually only treat the symptoms yet in the process, be very ‘taxing’ and harmful to the internal organs, not to mention the side effects that can accompany their use.

Acupuncture healing with the Revita-Gem Wellness and Vitality system enhances internal organ vitality based on traditional acupuncture theory, and presents NO SIDE effects. That is the most desirable benefit of all.

If you are currently using prescription medication, you may be able to reduce your reliance, somewhat, significantly or altogether (always under the guidance of a medical practitioner) by integrating the acupuncture theory based Revita-Gem Wellness and Vitality system.

For more conditional specific benefits, please see the ACUPUNCTURE GUIDE.

In our marketing materials, we will always promote the benefits of the Revita-Gems as the following:
- Safe
- Convenient
- Effective
- Simple
- Economical
- No side effects
- No needles

Another amazing benefit of the Revita-Gems Wellness and Vitality System is how ‘portable’ they are. Many clients will not leave home without their stones, and they are easy to take with you, no matter where you go.

Q3.   What is nano-technology?

Nano-technology is a new and emerging science that will have profound impact on all of our lives. It is essentially a manufacturing process - one that occurs at the molecular (or very small) level. At this level, very sophisticated equipment is required, because the building blocks of material are so small.

In general, materials are built (or re-built) at the molecular level - at these very small levels, familiar materials can do things they couldn’t do before. Our Revita-Gems are an example of this result.

Q4.   Do the stones work?

Yes. The Revita-Gems do what they are designed to do - replace and replicate needles in the acupuncture healing process. Because of our patented design and material composition, we have captured the essence of what a needle initiates in the acupuncture process, and have done so in a stone like material.

The next logical question would then be, if the Revita-Gems do that, ‘does acupuncture work?’ The answer to that question has been answered for thousands of years, and by millions of recipients of the treatments. Acupuncture is recognized the world over, and is gaining popularity, as a safe, holistic healing alternative for many, for a variety of diseases and conditions.

We put our Revita-Gems through rigorous research and testing before publicly launching, and found that the effectiveness in treating people who suffered from a variety of ailments was about 90%.


Q5.   Is it true that my body will experience warmth as a reaction to the Revita-Gems, but that the stoness never change temperature, only my body?

Yes, that is true. The Revita-Gems initiate a reaction at your cellular level that is safe, but is almost like a molecular communication. In reaction to the message from the Revita-Gems a cell to cell communication occurs, which is how the process is started. As this process occurs, the cells become excited and an increased circulatory and energetic activity takes place, the result being a wonderful warming effect (as some of our clients have described it) in the area where the stones are placed.

It should be noted that the Revita-Gems themselves ARE NOT heating up - all of the heat is produced naturally by your own body. The actual stones do not change temperature like your cells may, although it may feel this way. This is one of the most interesting aspects experienced when using the Revita-Gems. Remembering that there is no material or medicinal transfer occurring to the cells from the Revita-Gems (as there is typically with topical heat creating rubs, etc), this is usually the first evidence to the user that this is a revolutionary and very different/amazing healing system. For most people, they have never experienced anything like it, and often use the word ‘UNBELIEVABLE’ or ‘THIS IS HARD TO BELIEVE.’ We understand the science and have done repeated research treatments to understand this is completely believable - and is the foundation of the effectiveness of the Revita-Gem Wellness and Vitality system.

Q6.   How did you come up with the idea to invent these chips? Who invented them?

More than a decade ago, Dr Zhilong Xu, a traditionally trained acupuncturist, decided that in order to draw more people to the treatments and benefits of acupuncture, a needle-free methodology would be beneficial - so, he set out to create such an instrument. After thousands of experiments and years of testing, he combined nano-technology with his material mix to come up with Revita-Gems. Imagine his excitement, when he found out that he had accomplished what he set out to do, over a decade ago - and with consideration of the number of people that would benefit in the course of years to com.

The Revita-Gems are the result of much time, money and resources put together in search of Dr Xu’s dream, and now we are bringing that dream, and resulting product to the world - official launch was July 1st, 2006. We know of so many people that have already benefited from the Revita-Gems, and so many more that WILL BENEFIT, and that is the most exciting aspect of this incredible invention.

Q7.   When were the gems invented? When were they introduced to the public? 


The Revita-Gems were first envisioned a decade ago. It took 7 years until the final prototype was ready for testing, in SEPTEMBER, 2005. The official launch of the product in North America occurred July 1st, 2006. Currently, the Revita-Gems are being used in 11 Chinese hospitals.

Q8.   The interesting thing about this system is that it based on acupuncture theory, which is a time tested and proven effective healing practice that is over 2000 years old. Are you saying that with these stones, I am able to access the wisdom and effectiveness of acupuncture? Explain that to me.

The experiments, research, testing, manufacturing and design of the Revita-Gems, were based on the vision that they would be used as ‘alternatives’ to needles in acupuncture treatment. The immediate benefit of the final product would be that relatively equivalent results from acupuncture theory using needles could be obtained without having to physically penetrate the skin with needling, thereby, be considered a ‘non-invasive approach’ to acupuncture. We have accomplished that goal of being able to replicate what a needle can do in acupuncture.

We haven’t replicated what a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor can do because we are relying on self-diagnosis - your own. Having said that, we offer a complete guide for locating the most common and effective acupuncture points on your body, for various chronic pain and disease conditions that one may suffer from. We are not trying to replace your medical doctor or your alternative holistic wellness practitioner. More, we are trying to help you bridge the two, with a natural and effective treatment option that is based on over 2000 years of acupuncture theory, wisdom and practice. The Revita-Gems can be considered to be a part of your complete wellness solutions package, but one that will be very helpful to you and your loved ones over time.

Q9.   What is the essence of acupuncture theory? Why isn’t it more popular outside of China ?

Acupuncture theory is based on a few main concepts borne in traditional Chinese Medicine and traditional Chinese thinking.

The first is that each person is a perpetual two-force energetically balanced embodiment. The two forces that work simultaneously against and with each other, in order to bring health, wellness and harmony in one’s mind, body, spirit relationship are called Ying and Yang.

The second is that we are energetic beings and that each of us has a network of energy channels that supports the life bearing energy we all need to operate in optimal health. These channels must be un-obstructed in order or necessary life giving energy to flow freely and the being operate at optimal health and wellness. These free flowing energy channels are essential to maintaining balance of Ying and Yang in our bodies.

The opposing forces of Ying and Yang are found co-mingled in all life forces, but must be IN BALANCE for equilibrium and health to exist in each person. There can be times or conditions that lead to Ying and Yang being out of balance with each other within the life force known as ‘the human being’ - at those times, the natural and necessary flow of energy is but our sophisticated physiology will attempt to bring the balance back into order. At these times, there is considered to be a ‘blockage’ somewhere in the body’s free flowing energy flow (in the channels).

If the imbalance lasts for a prolonged period of time, then disease and discomfort will ensue. At first the condition may be acute, but the longer the period that Ying and Yang remain out of balance, the more chronic and severe/serious, the condition or disease becomes. The energetic and circulatory blockage results in a further imbalance within the vital internal organs, which further contributes to the chronic pain, or disease conditions.

If the body was unable to bring the Ying and Yang life forces into balance, then what can be done? The traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have come to rely on acupuncture for that. Acupuncture works on restoring balance and order to the body by removing the ‘blockages’ in the body’s energy network. Once energy can flow freely again, then the body is able to heal itself, by restoring balance to Ying and Yang, and consequently, to the vital network of internal organs.
The traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that vitality and health of our internal organs is paramount to our optimal health condition, and work with acupuncture points to restore the energetic flow, which will lead to restoring the health and vitality of the internal organs. Acupuncture was discovered over 2000 years ago, through rigorous testing, to be the best way to clear blockages in the energetic and circulatory network within our bodies. Also, the process of acupuncture is clear - there are certain points that should be stimulated in set arrays for given disease conditions - no one completely understands ‘why’ this works. For the purposes of using the Revita-Gems, ours is not to answer ‘why’ acupuncture works either. Instead, we provide you with a product that WILL allow you to access those necessary points, with out the invasiveness of needles.

Therefore, you can see the foundation in theory and practice of acupuncture rests with the ability to clear blockages in the energetic channels to restore Ying/Yang balance and ultimately bring balance to the vital internal organs. In this regard the internal organ ‘wellness’ becomes the foundation for healing. Instead of ‘taxing’ the internal organs with toxicity (something that prescribed pharmaceutical medications may do) and focusing on the ‘symptom’, traditional Chinese Medicine theory, in concert with acupuncture, focus on the ‘root cause’ of the chronic pain or disease condition, and elevate or enhance the strength of the internal organs for optimal health. It is a very different approach, but one that, once understood, makes sense to most.

Why hasn’t acupuncture become more popular? Mainly, because it is not marketed well - there are few unified bodies as popular and powerful as our current medical practitioners AND because people are afraid of needles.

As we have stated previously, part of our mission is elevate the awareness of the wonderful benefits of acupuncture through the use of the Revita Gem Wellness and Vitality system, along with being part of the bridge that strands between Western medical thinking and holistic medical thinking. We want to complement what is offered today.

Q10.   How do I know where to put the stones?

We have made it very easy to determine WHERE to place the Revita-Gems, given your specific needs, chronic pain or disease condition. The ACUPUNCTURE GUIDE shows a very specific and detailed diagram outlining the recommended location for your Revita-Gems. It’s so easy to follow the guide - that’s one of the benefits of using this system. You are empowered to be part of your own health, healing and wellness.

Q11.   Do you recommend I use the SURFACE LIQUID provided or is any water ok?

This is a very important issue. We recommend that you ONLY USE the SURFACE LIQUID with the Revita-Gems. The reason is that it is tuned with the appropriate frequency for maximum effectiveness, and it will result in the lowest amount of blockage that can reduce the effectiveness of the Revita-Gems. If you use other water sources, you may experience ‘clotting’ from unwanted materials/elements found in your water source, which can reduce the effectiveness of the Revita-Gems.

For that reason, even using our own SURFACE LIQUID, we recommend cleaning of the Revita-Gems as appropriate. This will ensure a long life for your Revita-Gems Wellness and Vitality system.

Q12.   Do you recommend that I use the same tape as is provided in the kit?

The choice of tape is completely up to you. Depending on allergic reactions and how you use the Revita-Gems, we recommand medical/surgical tape.

Q13.   Can the stones break if I drop them?

Unfortunately, yes. The manufacturing process has resulted in a fairly robust stone, but if dropped onto a surface that is harder than the stones, or with a high degree of force/velocity, the stones can break. In those instances, collect all of the debris from the stones - clean the area thoroughly - vacuum to ensure that there is no residue, and place the remnants into a sealed container BEFORE placing into the garbage. You don’t want your children or your pets to have a chance of injesting the small bits because it will leave them with an unpleasant experience until the material is excreted.

Q14.   Can I put the stones anywhere on my body?

Yes. It is safe to place the stones anywhere, except on mucous membranes (such as inside the mouth, nostrils, anus, eyes, etc). Not only is it safe, we discovered after creation of the Revita-Gems, that they can be used within the paradigm of traditional acupuncture, or they can be used as a ‘local’ relief program.

For example, if you have stiff muscles, in a specific area, you are encouraged to place the stones on, and around that area for relief. They will bring relief, in a holistic, non-ingested and non-invasive manner, and you can experiment with that yourself. For optimal results, and for cases where your ‘local’ application isn’t working, we recommend your follow our ACUPUNCTURE GUIDE. Don't let that stop you from using the Revita-Gems wherever you want - we have had many examples of patients who have applied the stones to areas that hurt, and obtained wonderful results. As you use your Revita-Gems you will begin to develop an instinct about when to use the gems locally and when to follow THE ACUPUNCTURE GUIDE.

The key benefit here is that you can use either, and do so with effectiveness.

Q15.   Can I apply the stones directly onto my problem areas?

Yes, please refer to the answer to Q14.

Q16.   What if I put the stones in the wrong locations - will this make me sick?

No. The Revita-Gems will only PROMOTE a healthier you, but will not cause you any sickness, even if you don’t follow the Acupuncture Guide. It makes sense, of course, that you will experience more benefit if the closer you follow the guide, but you will not experience sickness from placing the Revita-Gems on any given location(s).

Q17.   I see from the guide, that for some conditions, it is recommended to wear more than 5 stones. I only purchased the 5 stone set - what should I do? 


Owning the 5 stone kit of the Revita-Gems will allow you to treat yourself for ANY of the conditions listed in the ACUPUNCTURE GUIDE. There are a few options for you. The best option is to buy more chips. In this way, you will get the most convenient maximum benefit for your specific disease or condition.

Alternatively, and equally effective, you can apply the chips in separate phases. For example, if you see that the diagram calls for 7 chips to be applied, simply apply 5 Revita-Gems at one time in the day, and the other 2 at another time of the day. There is no problem with treating yourself this way, except that you may find it less convenient. You can even treat yourself with the 5 points one day, and the other 2 points, the next day.

The benefit of having your own Revita-Gem Wellness and Vitality System is that you can treat yourself at whatever time, in whatever place is convenient for you.

The important point to note here, is that you always want to treat lateral points on your body, at the same time. For example, if your condition calls for treating both of the points below the outside knee (NAME OF POINT?)¡K..and you are splitting up the treatment for that condition into 2 phases, make sure you keep those 2 points in the same phase. You never would want to treat one knee point for a condition in one phase, and the other knee point in the other phase.

That is about the only important issue to consider when splitting the treatments into 2 phases.

Q18.   Can I buy more than 5 stones in a system? Does anybody do that? Who would that be for?

Yes, you can buy more than 5 stones in a system. This would be ideal for families, or for the person who is looking at treating conditions that continually call for applying more than 5 stones (convenience factor).

Does anybody do that? Yes. Many people, who have come to understand the wonderful healing and vitality enhancing potential of the Revita-Gem , are adding to their stone collections. We believe that the 10 stone Revita-Gem system is the best choice for people who are serious about using the system for themselves and their families for the rest of their life - mainly because of the convenience factor, but also because you will find times when two family members want to use 5 or more of the Revita-Gems at the same time. Additionally, some members will want to travel with their Revita-Gems (you won’t want to leave home without them), but want to leave some at home for other members of their family.

Q19.   Is there a recommended amount of time that I should wear the stones?

Yes, we recommend that you wear the Revita-Gems for 45-60 minutes per treatment.

Many clients have experienced relief from using the stones for less time than that per treatment, while others have found benefit in applying the Revita-Gem for longer than the recommended time period. Golfers, for example, may want to wear the Revita-Gems for their entire round to relieve their nagging back pain - and were very thankful they did.

We recommend 45-60 minutes. If you wear the Revita-Gems for less time, they may not be as effective. If you wear them for longer, you may experience mild and very temporary skin sensitivity upon showering/bathing at the point where you applied the stones.

Q20.   For my condition, are there a recommended number of times I should use the chips?

Here is where we need to understand the terminology used in the application of the Revita-Gems. The following will assist you in determining the number of times you should wear the Revita-Gems:

1 treatment = a single application of the Revita-Gems
1 course of treatments = 10 treatments
Rest period = 2 days without using the Revita-Gems

In general, we recommend an entire course of treatments for any chronic pain or disease condition. To be clear, the precise amount of time required to wear the Revita-Gems will be entirely dependent on HOW YOU ARE FEELING. It will be YOU who will be determining the effectiveness of and the number treatments or courses of treatments required with, the Revita-Gems.

We can tell you that the number of treatments required vary significantly from individual to individual. You may have a chronic back pain that you’ve had for years, and this would lead you to believe that at least a full course or two of treatments would be in order. Having said that, you may experience dramatic relief in only 1-2 treatments - we have seen this occur.

Again, this goes back to the comment that you will be your own best judge of the number of treatments necessary.

On average, however, generally, the more chronic your condition, the longer the duration of treatments will that will be required. For some conditions, such as anxiety, in the case where you are trying to reduce your dependence on prescription medication (as always, under the supervision of your medical practitioner) either partially, significantly or entirely, you may have to undergo 6-8 courses of treatments. This may seem like a lot, but when you consider it’s your life, and it’s the health and toxicity level of your internal organs that we’re talking about, it’s definitely worth the time.

Other cases, such as insomnia, may be treatable in 1-2 courses of treatment. No matter what is required, we know that most people will see some level of effectiveness within their first full course of treatments, with many people seeing effective results within 1-2 treatments.

The Revita-Gems are designed to work with YOUR body’s conditions and with each person being different, you can customize your healing and wellness regime to your specific needs.

Q21.   If I wear the Revita-Gems for more than 1 hour, is it safe?

Yes, you are safe. We recommend the treatment period to be 45-60 minutes but a longer duration is ok. You may notice a minor and temporary sensitivity in the shower on the areas of your skin where you placed the Revita-Gems - we stress that this will be temporary. Please refer to Q23 for more information.

Q22.   It seemed that the stones heated up and then cooled down. Is that normal?

Yes, that is normal. The Revita-Gems will initiate that reaction in the body, but remember it is your own body heat, not the Revita-Gems. The stones do not change temperature. Usually you will experience a warming effect, and then a gradual cooling down within the 45-60 minute treatment. This too, is normal. Having said that, there will be times when you haven’t yet reached the cooling down stage after the 45-60 minute period. It is important to note, that no matter what happens in relation to your body’s heating/cooling experience, we recommend that each treatment period be 45-60 minutes.

Q23.   Can my children use the Revita-Gems?

This is a very sophisticated health system that you should not leave your children alone with. We recommend, due to the experience of sensations as a result of the Revita-Gems, that you will not want to use this product on children 6 years of age or younger. For children above that age, use with caution - our concern is not with their safety (if used as directed) but more that you ensure they understand and are at ease with the process. Acupuncture for children is a very effective alternative holistic wellness solution and it is likely they will feel more comfortable with the Revita-Gems than they may be with needles. As with anything, please ensure that you keep your Revita-Gems safely out of reach of small children to avoid swallowing hazard.

Q24.   What are the types of reasons people buy this system?

The Revita-Gems are universal in their application - almost anyone who suffers from pain, chronic pain or other disease conditions will benefit from using them. Therefore, there are many types of people with a wide variety of reasons for buying the Revita-Gems. For an immediate list of reasons for buying the Revita-Gem Wellness and Vitality System, please see the ACUPUNCTURE GUIDE.

To answer the question more thoroughly here consider why we pursued the development of a ‘NEEDLE FREE’ acupuncture solution - mainly because we wanted to bring the benefits of holistic acupuncture healing to a public who may desire the healing but were not willing to have needles penetrate their skin. Thus, the first reason people may purchase this system is to obtain the benefits of acupuncture, without the necessity of needles.

Another reason for buying this system, is the convenience of being able to access the benefits of acupuncture in health and wellness, without the needles, at times and in locations that are convenient. By owning your own Revita-Gem system, you decide when and where you want to take treatments - early in the morning or late at night, and because the system is portable and non-invasive, you can treat yourself while performing other activities (example: great for golfers who want relief from pain on the golf course, and wish to wear their Revita-Gems while they golf).

People who are in pain but have to go work, can wear the stones while they’re at work, and no one will know about the wonderful warmth of healing they will be experiencing. This is especially applicable to people such as trades persons who often have to work with pain.

Another reason that people will buy the Revita-Gems is to reduce their reliance, either partially, significantly or entirely on prescribed medications (we recommend that this strategy always be performed under the supervision of a medical practitioner). These types of people are tired of experience unwanted or harmful side effects from their medications, or simply want to give their bodies a break from the medicine.

Other reasons we have seen from our purchasing clients:

1. tried everything else, and nothing has worked for my condition
2. I believe in the benefits of acupuncture and am excited to learn about using my own system for my own health and wellness.
3. My friend tried them and couldn’t stop talking about them so I thought I would give them a try
4. If they really work, then buying them is a no-brainer. They have so many applications for me and my family.
5. For the safety factor - NO SIDE EFFECTS
6. I love new health developments and this one is as revolutionary as I have seen in years
7. People who want to re-vitalize their internal organs and strengthen their immune systems

Q25.   What types of people buy this system?

Revita-Gem is suitable for anyone. Some suggested types are:
- Athletes of any type and/or retired athletes
- Sports coaches or instructors
- Fitness instructors
- Trades persons
- Waiters/waitresses
- Anyone who has to lift heavy items frequently or anyone who has to stand for long periods of time
- Musicians
- Anyone who works with computers
- Teachers
- Drug Addicts
- Alcoholics
- People with any problem addictions
- Middle aged to seniors
- People going through traumatic events - going through increased stress or unable to sleep well
- Grieving
- Relationship breakup, separation or divorce
- Problems at work or job loss
- Someone close is dying
- Students
- Anyone who spends many hours in deep thought or concentration

Q26.   What conditions can be treated with this system?

The best answer to this question is to see our ACUPUNCTURE GUIDE. The Revita-Gems are for utilization with acupuncture theory. Therefore, almost everything that acupuncture can treat, you can use the Revita-Gems to treat - and that covers a broad spectrum of conditions. With the warming sensation that occurs in using the Revita Gems they can also be used for general and localized muscle or body aches.

At present, the World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as an accepted treatment for almost 40 diseases, and that number is continually increasing as more research is conducted.

There is a movement among people, to try a more holistic approach in healing, health and wellness, and the Revita-Gems complement that well.


Q27.   Can I use the stones on other people, or should I only use them for myself?

You can use the Revita-Gems on anyone, as long as they don’t have an infectious disease or open wounds or skin disorders. We recommend, more for convenience sake, than anything else, that each family owns their own Revita-Gem system.

Q28.   Should I be cleaning the Revita-Gems, and if so, how?

We recommend that you use the SURFACE LIQUID or distilled water to clean the stones. You do not have to clean the Revita-Gems after each use, but you will want to do so once every month or so, or when you notice the effect is less than previously experienced.

It is a good idea to clean your Revita-Gems if you have lent them out to someone other than your immediate family.

Q29.   Why do you say that I should use this system under the care of a medical practitioner, when most doctors will not have ever heard of these before?

It is required by law, and for your own well-being. Revita-Gem is applicable to people who is looking to reduce their reliance on pre-scribed medication. Doctors have knowledge about the use and importance of your pre-scribed medication, and will give you guidance on how to (if appropriate) reduce your reliance on the medication safely.

Q30.   What types of practitioners do you think this system would be applicable to?

Anyone whose goal is to promote healing and wellness with their clients. For example:

1. Chiropractors
2. Massage Therapists
3. Energy healers
4. Acupuncturists
5. Sports medicine/physiotherapist
6. Spa’s/Salons
7. Pain Management practitioners
8. Medical doctors
9. Dentists

Q31.   I am a pregnant woman. Can I use the Revita-Gems?

We are not recommending that pregnant women use the Revita-Gems. We haven’t conducted enough research and testing to unequivocally state we recommend this at this time. We believe that once the tests are conducted, it will have been seen to be effective and safe for pregnant women, but until such a time as those tests have been conducted we are not recommend that pregnant women use the Revita-Gems.

Q32.   I have a pace maker? Can I use the Revita-Gems?

Yes, the Revita-Gems will not interfere with the operation of implanted pace makers.

Q33.   What if I don’t have access to a computer - how will I be able to know where to put the stones?

In every Revita-Gem kit, you will find an ACUPUNCTURE GUIDE in booklet form.

This guide will give you a good start but in the future, we will make available a very detailed guide that will have even more information to assist and direct you in using your Revita-Gems.

If you have further questions, you can also contact us.


Q34.   What other products are like this on the market, if any?

None that we know of. We have researched the marketplace extensively for a like product, and have found none. Our patent application showed no competitors on a global forefront either. We have a truly unique and revolutionary wellness solution with the Revita-Gems. There is nothing like it - anywhere.

There are some other needle free acupuncture applications, but from what we’ve seen, you can only treat one point at a time, and use either electrical stimulation, or laser stimulation or stimulation with pressure. The needle free acupuncture Revita-Gem Wellness and Vitality System is a 'complete system' - and is the most similar procedure to actual needle acupuncture available anywhere in the world.


Q35.   I have a lot of body hair - will the stones work?

Yes, the Revita-Gems will be effective when applied to over body hair. We have found that there remains enough contact with the skin to be effective. Where we have found there to be ineffectiveness is through the hair on the head. That layer of hair is too thick, typically, for the desired effectiveness of the needle free acupuncture Revita-Gems.