Nano Cyclic Microfiber Towel with Nano Silver Treatment (Snow White)

$8 USD

A super-absorbing and anti-bacterial cloth, Cyclics unique fabric absorbs water and repels germs. Bring the lavish pampering of this towel, used in high-end spas around the world, to your daily routine.

Super Absorbent
Dries Quicker
Lasts 20 times longer
Softer & Tougher

Amazingly soft
7x more absorbent than regular towels
Fast drying, lint-free, and odor-resistant
3-year warranty
37cm. x 65cm.

These towels may be machine washed on low-tumble and air dried. Each box comes with a 3-year warranty to guarantee an amazing lifespan of each cloth.

How to use:
Face and Neck

1.Cleanse face using Cyclic
2.Place towel on hands and allow water to be absorbed
3.Gently place the towel on face and dry off with a dapping motion
do not scrub on face
4.Replace towel back on rack and let air dry


1.Drape hair into ponytail over one shoulder
2.Wring hair with towel using both hands, gently squeezing the water out
3.Wrap towel around head until hair is dry
4.Replace towel back on rack and let air dry.

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