Remy Laure - Rejuvenyl ( F55 )

$84 USD

100% plant-based phyto-aromatic complex - Revitalizing Line (10 ampoules 3 ml)

Balances the cellular metabolism and detoxifies the skin

This 100% natural and non-oily fluid is well accepted by all skins, from 30 to mature skins, and from normal to oily skins needing to be purified. This fluid balances the cellular metabolism and detoxifies the skin, which makes it looking fresh and younger. The essential oils improve the skin's natural defense, while stimulating and purifying the skin. Your skin tone is brightened.

Phyto-aromatic complex composed of magnesium, plant distillates and essential oils to balance and energize the cellular metabolism.

For 30 year old skin and older, one ampoule contains enough product for 2 applications. Use in the morning or evening as a "lifting" treatment. Can be applied before your usual cream. Use this product for 21 days and renew treatment every 3 months.

Main ingredients:
100% natural product
-Magnesium (anti-stress)
-Rosemary extract (anti-oxydant)
-Hamamelis extract (vein-tonic, astringing)
-Essential oil of Geranium (antiseptic and healing scars)
-Essential oil of Sage (desinfectant, stimulating)
-Essential oil of Parsley (rich in anti-oxydant Selenium and Vitamin C)
-Essential oil of Sandalwood (stimulating and calming)
-Centella Asiatica Extract (stimulating and repairing)

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