Remy Laure Moisturizing Spray

$25 USD

A spritz refreshes, moisturizes and tones. Essential for keeping the black mask moist during application.

Complement of the Black Mask. This spray can be used with the mask but also like a moisturizing lotion.

When the environment is negative for the skin, spray the Moisturizing Spray into the air and the stress is gone. Can also be used to fix the makeup. It is a polyvalent lotion rich in trace elements and natural hydrating.

It can be used to:
- Keep the Black Mask wet and shining. It is possible to spray it several times during the application.
- Charge the air with negative ions.
- Moisture the skin with a calming effect.

Main ingredients:
Mineral water, Natural Moisturizing Factor, Bladderwrack extract, Lactococcus Ferment Extract.

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