Remy Laure - Mineral Travel Set ( RM-P13 )

$50 USD

Promotion Item

4 in 1 Mineral Set
-Visaday Cream (15ml)
-3-in-1 Cleanser (50ml)
-Black Cream (15ml)
-Eye Contour Cream (7ml)

This is perfect size for travel or as a gift.

CLEANSING WATER - This Vitamin Water removes make-up and tones in a single gesture. Your skin is clear and full of vitality. Easy to use, this product is ideal for active women who want to save time.

VISA DAY - Rémy Laure has combined numerous active ingredients in the Visa-day cream to ensure total care of your skin every day (hydration*, protection, nutrition). EYE

CONTOUR GEL - The eye contour is an area that is permanently tightened by the movements of the eyelids and facial expressions. The formula of this non-greasy gel corresponds to the specific needs of this fragile area.

BLACK CREAM - Rémy Laure Black Cream provides you with the power of minerals and trace elements, essential fuels for the proper functioning of cells. They help to balance the skin, contribute to regeneration and protection, stimulate energy metabolism and optimize cellular respiration. * of the superficial layers of the epidermis

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