Remy Laure - Exfoliating Body Scrub (C41)

$54 USD

Cleansing, draining, and exfoliating gel for the body. Its cleansing agents and polyethylene spheres have a cleansing and softening action, gently smooths away rough, dry skin and aids in the cell renewal process. The extracts of rosemary, ivy and bladderwrack help to drain toxins and Non-abrasive micro-granules increase the circulation and aids in detoxification. The epidermis is softened and toned.
- Exfoliates
- Refines the skin
- Increases circulation
- Leaves skin with a healthy glow

Use three times per week in the shower. Use daily on rough spots (elbows, knees, feet).

Main ingredients:
Exfoliating grains, Extracts of rosemary, Ivy, Bladderwrack

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