Remy Laure - D.N.A. Eye Contour Mask (F62)

$60 USD

This perfume-free mask is relaxing and smoothing. Its anti-stress ingredients (squalane, vegetal oils) smooth the delicate epidermis of the eye contour. The pure D.N.A. and retinyl palmitate revitalize tired eyelids weakened by the external environment (screen, smoke, sun). The P.C.A. and urea restore the epidermis hydratation that smoothes wrinkles.

The thin tip at very top of tube distributes a minimum, but sufficient, quantity of product without any risk of contamination.

This mask is the ideal complement of the Eye Contour Gel in the morning and the Eye Contour Cream in the night.

Start to use for 25 years-old skin and older

For an excellent result, apply every morning for 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water; then apply the Eye contour Gel.

Main ingredients:
Vegetal DNA extract, Nourishing vegetal oils (soy, corn, wheat germ, sunflower), Squalane, Derivate of retinol, Beeswax

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