Remy Laure - D.N.A. Tonic Lotion (F29)

$58 USD

The alcohol-free D.N.A. Tonic Lotion softens, soothes and stimulates all types of skin. It completes Remy Laure D.N.A. Cleansing Cream’s action. 

The lotion helps to reduce the barrier that the cornea layer represents.  Therefore, all the following active products penetrate deep into the skin and, thereby, are more effective.  Without the lotion, most of the creams are inefficient. Cleansing Cream’s action. Its main components, pure D.N.A. and amino acids, regenerate and stimulate the epidermis. The skin is vivified and optimizes the assimilation of any Remy Laure beauty products applied after.

After using the D.N.A. Cleansing Cream, apply to face with cotton.
It helps to remove the rest of cleansing milk.
It moisturizes and prepares the skin to receive creams.
Renew the application of the DNA Tonic Lotion for a spectacular effect.
Dry the skin.

Main ingredients:
Pure DNA and RNA, Arginine, Glycerin and Mineral water.

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