Remy Laure - Natural Mud Mask ( X04 )

$85 USD

More than 300 ingredients can be detected in this Peloid.

Natural mask extracted from a fossil deposit very rich in botanicals, minerals, and trace-elements. These elements stimulate cellular metabolism and are vital to the beauty of your skin (a lack of trace-elements will produce a reaction causing a skin disorder). The Natural Mud Mask stimulates tired and stressed skins, purifies thick skins, revitalizes thin and mature skins and lightens skintone.

It is a spectacular mask.  The result is immediate and guaranteed.  Can be used often.  This moor purifies the oily skin, calm the congestive skin and stimulate the tired skin.
Do not let mask dry on skin. Use Remy Laure's Lotion Jeunesse spray (moisturizing spray) to keep the mask wet. Remove with spatula and cleanse with lotion.

Application time
3 minutes on thin / sensitive skins
5 minutes on normal skins
8 minutes on thick / oily skins
Main Ingridents:
Aqua, Silt Extract and composition of plant extracts, organic substances, minerals and trace elements

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