Remy Laure - D.N.A. Travel Set ( RM-P5 Revitalizing)

$32 USD

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3 in 1 Completed DNA Skin Set
-D.N.A. Beauty Cream (10ml)
-Hydration Beauty Complex (10ml)
-Eye Contour Cream (7ml)

This is perfect size for travel or as a gift.

D.N.A. CREAM - Beauty cream for dehydrated, mature or thick skins. It contains pure DNA. This molecule plays an important role in cell life, helps repair damage, fixes water in the upper layers of the epidermis and improves the skin's defenses.

D.N.A. EYE CONTOUR CREAM - Non-greasy cream that stimulates the eye contour area. This gel cream acts on all the effects of eye fatigue.

HYDRATION BEAUTY COMPLEX - Non-greasy restorative serum for all skin types. Embio-vital A.D.N. reinforces the elasticity and flexibility of the stratum corneum with moisturizing* and stimulating active ingredients. The high concentration of soluble collagen stimulates the epidermis, which restores its natural defenses and optimizes its fight against various aggression (climate, pollution, fatigue). 

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