Remy Laure - Moisturizing Hydravive Cream (F19)


Release moisture into your skin to keep it fresh and hydrated.

Lasting hydrating day cream for all types of skin. The muccopolysaccharids (marine origin) are protected by nanosphers that liberate them all day long for a lasting hydrating and regenerating action. Urea, glycerin and P.C.A. increase the epidemis’ capacity of retaining water, which is vital for the cells. The apricot kernel oil and allantoin restore the cutaneous comfort.

It provides a hydration for about 12 hours, answering the daily needs.  Man skin appreciates this cream, but during summer times, it is recommended to use the Hydravive Gel.

Apply every morning after cleansing with the DNA Cleansing Cream and the DNA Tonic Lotion.  Can be used all year long.  Does not shine. 

Main ingredients:
Muccopolysaccharids (marine origin), Apricot kernel oil, Allantoin.

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