Remy Laure - Natural Mud Mask & Moisturizing Spray Travel Set ( RM-P6 )

$36 USD

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RL Mud Mask And Spray Travel Set
-Natural Black Mud MASK - 20ml
-Moisturizing Spray - 50ml
-Fan Brush

This is perfect size for travel or as a gift.

Natural Black Mud Mask extracted from fossil deposits rich in plants, minerals and trace elements. These components stimulate cellular metabolism and are essential to the beauty of the skin (any deficiency in trace elements leads to a chain reaction of skin imbalance). The Black Mud Mask stimulates stressed and tired skin, purifies thick skin, revitalizes fine or mature skin, and gives a radiance boost to the complexion.

Moisturizing Spray is essential to reinforce the action of the Mud Mask which it maintains wet during the application.

Includes accessories: Fan brush for application and Spatula for mask removal.

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