Remy Laure - Nutrimoor Night Cream (F16)

$136 USD

The Nutrimoor Night cream uses 3 powerful natural ingredients, their molecules being similar to hormones and ordering the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis :

Centella asiatica (plant from Madagascar)

Wild Yam (root rich in vitamins and tannins, also used to extract DHEA)

Soya ( isoflavones similar to hormones)

These 3 extracts are protected by liposomes which facilitate their penetration and long-lasting action. This reactivating formula is completed with nourishing (squalane, apricot kernel oil), moisturizing (biosaccharids) and anti-oxydant properties (vitamin E) to provide a complete answer for mature skins. After few weeks use, your skin is « awakened », with a new shine and softness.


*Main Ingredients:

*Centella asiatica

*Wild Yam


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