Remy Laure - Organic Gentle Cleanser (F90)

$85 USD

Humidify skin and allows a soft daily cleansing of your skin

This gentle bio-cleanser allows a soft daily cleansing of your skin.  Soap-free, it removes make-up and impurities while respecting the skin's natural pH and hydrolipidic film.  The natural ingredients leave the skin clean and ready for the active ingredients of the organic care products.
99% of total ingredients have a natural origin.
Paraben-free formula.
No petrochemical ingredient.
100% natural perfume.
No synthetic coloring agent.
Use :
Humidify skin and apply small quantity of gel.  Perform gentle circular massage with fingertips on face and neck.  Rinse off with soft or mineral water.
Main ingredients and actions :
Peppermint :originated from the Middle-East, it is cultivated in Europe, Asia, and South America.  Very rich in menthol, essential oil and flavonoids.  It has very good purifying and anti-bacteria properties, as well as calming.
Centella Asiatica :originated from India (Himalaya) and Madagascar, it was used in ancient times to cure skin diseases.  It has numerous properties :  healing of small scars, anti-bacteria, regenerating, increase in collagen synthesis, softening.
Vegetal Glycerol :issued from colza oil.  Protects from dehydration by retaining water on the skin's superficial layer.  Soothing and softening, it is recommended for sensitive skins.
Rosemary extract :rosemary is a typical plant of the south of France.  It has been used for centuries, especially for cooking and medecinal purposes.  It is one of the main components of "Hungary Queen water".  The legend says the 72 year old queen used this special water on her face and whole body for 1 full year.  She became so beautiful that her neighbor the King of Poland wanted to marry her.  Its cosmetic properties are : stimulating, antiseptic, antioxydant.
Hibiscus flower :plant of greek origin well known since ancient times.  The cosmetic properties are :  rich in vitamin C (antioxydant) emollient.
Aloe Vera (aloeBarbadensis) :healing of small scars, protecting and reinforcing the skin's natural protection, detoxifying and tonifying properties.
Natural cleansing & foaming agents :Cocamidopropyl (very soft foaming material used in organic products), Capryl Glucoside (soft cleansing agent used in organic products).

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