Remy Laure - Whitening Travel Set ( RM-P3 Brightening)


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4 in 1 Completed Brightening/Whitening Skin Set
-Cleansing Foam (30ml)
-Day Serum (10ml)
-Night Cream (10ml)
-SPF 30 (10ml)

This is perfect size for travel or as a gift.

BRIGHTENING CLEANSING FOAM - This foaming gel removes make-up and impurities softly on all skin types. It respects the skin’s natural pH and moisture level. Thanks to botanical extracts, the skin tone is purified.

BRIGHTENING DAY SERUM - Remy Laure’s Brightening Day Serum has been formulated to lighten pigmentation spots and contribute to an even and bright skin tone, while providing moisture and nutrition during the day. Its vegetal extracts provide a soft and progressive brightening action.

BRIGHTENING NIGHT CREAM - Remy Laure’s Brightening Night Cream, in a rich and delicately jasmine-perfumed texture, contains natural ingredients to regenerate your skin during the night while brightening your skin tone.

SPF 30 - High protection Sun Cream has potent light-triggered antioxidant to repair and protect skin. Non greasy - wear over day cream or after Brightening Serum. Can apply to all skin types.

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