Renlee - C.G.F. (Complex Growth Factor-RBA6007A+B)

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Freeze Crystal is the latest skin care technology which transforms the active ingredient from its liquid state to crystal powder from. The active ingredient becomes " dormant " in crystal powder from. When mixture with liquid, the crystallized ingredient returns to its " active " state. This crystallization technique ensures the active ingredient remains stable and effective before it is ready for use.

Complex Growth Factor ( C.G.F ):
EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor ), bFGF ( basic Fibroblast Growth Factor ), IGF ( Insulin like Growth Factor ), TFG - β ( Trnasforming Growth Factor- β ), KGF ( Keratinocyte Growth Factor ), SCF ( Stem Cell Factor ), VEGF ( Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor ), PDGF Platelet- Derived Growth Factor ).

Epidermal activation.
To promote the formation of skin cell barrier.
Increasing skin water-retention capacity.
Overall appearance of skin.
To improve the rough skin.
Increase in skin elasticity.
Reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores smaller and.
Reduce skin melanin and the content of colored cell.

1. Open the vacuum packaging, plastic bottles (essence liquid) and the bottle (freeze-dried powder).
2. The plastic bottles of beauty fluid , locking into the glass bottles, and gently shake bottle until their dissolution into liquid form.

Main ingredients:
Complex Growth Factor ( C.G.F ), Botox Effect ( Polypeptide Protein ). Vitamin A.C.E.

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