Revita-Gem - Acupuncture without Needles

$750 USD


REVITA-GEM Needle Free Acupuncture is designed to replace «needles» used in traditional acupuncture while achieving similar level of effectiveness. Its advanced Nano-Technology, combined with patented Silicon composite, allows for much greater surface level of silicon to interact with the body's energy meridians at the molecular level. This allows Revita-GemTM to stimulate the cells on acupuncture points, triggers a chain of reactions in our body, which effectively balances the function of internal organs through circulations and meridian channels. This creates a more energetic, vibrant and healthy you. Revita-Gem is ideal for home-users and practitioners.

Revita-Gems provides you with many benefits:

SAFE - needle free
CONVENIENT - acupuncture by yourself anytime, anywhere to suit your lifestyle.
EFFECTIVE - works as well as needles.
SIMPLE - easy to learn; simply follow the instructions in our acupuncture guide.
NO SIDE EFFECTS - no undesirable side effects seen with common medications. No electricity. No radiation.
ECONOMICAL - compared with medications and other treatments
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Revita-Gem Relieves Backpain
Revita-Gem has been clinically proven to relieve the following disorders:

Digestive Disorders
Back/Shoulder/Neck Pain
Menstrual Discomfort
Sore Muscle
Weight Loss, etc
Each Revita-Gem Stone Kit includes:

5 pieces of Revita Gems
100ml bottle of Surface Liquid
1 roll of Medical Tape
1 Acupuncture Guide
1 Traveling Pouch

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